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OH SHOT: What Is It and When It Is Used?

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Oh-Shots are today’s modern approaches to sexual rejuvenation. For many females who experience instances of sexual dysfunction — and even those without any dysfunction — the short answer is yes. Although, is there an actual treatment that could do this for you, using your blood as medicine? Marketed as the orgasm shot, or Oh-Shot, treatment involves injecting platelets into a woman’s clitoris, labia, and G-spot. These platelets are substances in your blood that contain healing proteins- growth factors — extracted from your blood. Today, let us know more about Oh Shots and when to use these treatments. Read until the end and discover if this treatment can also work for you.

What is an Oh-Shot?

Also called the Orgasm Shot, an Oh-Shot is a non-surgical treatment pledged to increase sexual arousal and rejuvenate the vagina. Patients report more powerful and frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication, and greater arousal after the procedure.

What are Oh-Shots Used for, and Does It Work?

Sexual function

Oh-Shot providers mainly advertise “mind-blowing orgasms” as the main benefit of their treatment. Original studies showed a significant improvement in the female sexual function index. Providers who offer the Oh-Shot claim it can improve vaginal sensation, sexual function, and a lot more. Some supposed benefits include the following:
  • a heightened orgasm during sex or masturbation
  • increased arousal
  • increased lubrication
  • increased sexual desire

Incontinence and Other Conditions

Some professionals claim it may also:
  • ease urinary incontinence
  • treat chronic pain from childbirth and mesh, as well as interstitial cystitis
  • treat lichen planus
  • treat lichen sclerosis
Some females claim this treatment has significantly improved their orgasm experience on much grander scales and has even helped them battle incontinence. However, until now, no rigorous scientific evidence has provings Oh-Shot works as promised or consistently. Experts claim that PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy stimulates stem cell functions, collagen production, and blood vessel functions, which promise to provide better orgasms and sexual experiences in the women studied. Some studies investigated whether or not vaginal PRP could help in the reduction of inflammation related to transvaginal mesh, with unclear results. These studies looked at biopsied tissues and rabbits. There are also just a few low-quality studies, including one that Runels helped execute, about vaginal PRP as a treatment for lichen sclerosis, with unclear results. However, there’s no solid research on PRP being used to treat sexual dysfunction or incontinence in women. So, there’s currently no accurate understanding of success rates for this kind of treatment, nor has it been approved as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Is the Oh-Shot a Drug?

The Oh-Shot is not a drug. It’s a procedure performed in a medical office in which the patient’s blood platelets are injected into their vaginal tissues. This working theory proposed by the inventor, Dr. Charles Runels, is that platelets naturally attract your stem cells to the injected area. Consequently, it generates healthier and more functional tissues in those areas of sexual response in the vagina. Some known “places” are G-Spot, O-Spot, Skene’s Glands, urethra, and vaginal wall).

How Do Oh-Shots Help in Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The shot uses “high quality” Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) produced from the patient’s blood. The PRP contains cell-regenerating growth factors that trigger stem cells to increase blood flow when injected into specific areas of the vagina. This procedure generates healthy tissue growth and helps improve the site’s vascularization.

What is the Oh-Shot Procedure Like? 

The Oh-Shot procedure begins with a simple blood draw from the arm. Samples are put into special centrifuges, producing Platelet-Rich Plasma. After the PRP extraction from the patient’s blood, it is injected back into the numbed area near where the clitoris and upper vagina are located.

Do Oh-Shot Injections Hurt? How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Getting the Oh-Shot is usually painless. Practitioners numb the area using gentle, cream-based products. Even though each patient’s experience is different, most of them claim to have experienced only minor discomfort. The Oh-Shot injection feels like a slight pinch or warm sensation. There is no recovery time with this non-surgical procedure. It is quick and generally takes about 30 minutes to complete, including the numbing process. 

Are There Any Complications with Oh-Shots?

Most patients experience minimal to no side effects after receiving the orgasm shot. However, you may experience mild redness, swelling, or numbness for the first few days to one week.

Do We Need More Than One Oh-Shot?

Patients can have one orgasm shot or return for more, which will build on the existing results. Eight (8) weeks is generally recommended between treatments to ensure the full effects of the first treatment have been felt. However, you can speak with a medical provider about the timeframe that works best for you.

What Results Can We Expect?

The results can vary depending on the patient’s starting point. For example, age, medical conditions, and hormonal problems can determine the results. The injection is not a “magic stick” – 50 percent of women may experience instantaneous “wow effects,” while the other half may notice a marked improvement. Patients stated a range of positive effects from the Oh-Shots, including the following:
  • Decreased pain for those experiencing painful sex
  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Improvement in urinary incontinence
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Increased sensation
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms
  • The ability to have orgasms from penetrative sex when previously unable
  • Younger and smoother skin of the vulva

How Long Does it Take Before Seeing Results from O-Shots?

You may experience increased sexual desire and pleasure immediately, but full results are usually enjoyed after three (3) months. Generally, women will experience heightened sensation in the first 3-7 days, and new tissue will develop over the next 3-9 weeks. This sensation will peak around the 3-month mark.

How Long Does the Oh-Shot Last?

Oh-Shot procedure results can vary depending on the patient, but they generally last between 14-18 months. On average, women repeat the procedure every 18 months.

Final Takeaways About Oh-Shots

Oh-Shots help rejuvenates female genitalia and helps women perform as they should. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider if Oh-Shots can work for your sexual issues, too. Are you interested in experiencing Oh-Shots? Our wonderful friends at Resa Medical Aesthetics can help you today.
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